Medicine. Art. Tradition. Healing.

Attempting to trace back to the beginning of my interest in plants, I often think of the time I was lead as a child to a chive plant growing up between the flag stones and was encouraged to pick and eat some. I returned to that plant over and over, amazed that it was growing there, that I could put it in my mouth and experience its sharp taste. That simple moment shifted my understanding of the world and who I was in it at a very young age.

This is part of the beauty of herbalism – it is both simple and profound. A medicine that has been part of our story as a species throughout time. Later on it was my own health that lead me through the doors of a Naturopath and then to an Herbalist. Conventional medicine was lacking in an explanation or treatment for what was happening to me and it was such a relief to have my symptoms explained and knit into an understandable correlation.

That experience sparked an interest and laid a path that lead me to study first on my own, then through a distance program and later to move across the country to study Medical Herbalism full time at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, B.C. Studying plants, the body and healing was like opening a tiny door that became a new world for me. Plants have an incredible depth and profound way of enhancing our lives that I am so excited to be able to share this with you.