A Few Useful Plants to Know. 

There are so many plants that you cross paths with in your daily life. Lining the side of the streets you travel, in the corner of your yard and the alleys you pass. Here are a few commonly found growing across North America, they grow plentifully, are versatile and great to know how to use. 


Calendula Officinalis

An incredible wound healing plant that is potently anti-microbial keeping cuts clean, while stoping bleeding and reducing swelling.

Naturalized around the world, Calendula grows abundantly throughout the warm seasons.

Keep an eye out for the bright yellow to orange blossoms and vibrant green foliage. Harvest the flowers in full bloom using scissors or by pinching the stem.


Verbascum Thapsus

A tall graceful plant that grows in sunny waste areas with few resources. A long beautiful stalk with yellow flowers and the softest leaves.

Mullein is a great remedy for sore coughs that need to be soothed or bring about a productive cough.

Originates in the British Isles and has naturalized around the world.


Achillea Millifolium

Yarrow is a remarkably versatile plant used reliably in first aid situations as well as internally to treat numerous conditions.

Once you have a keen eye you will find yarrow growing wild all over the place. Flowers ranging from white to soft yellow and pink.

An excellent plant to stop bleeding, reduce swelling, encourage healing and fights off infection.

Native on most continents this plant is a great friend to have.

Nature itself, is the best physician.
— Hippocrates