“The depth and breadth of Rebecca's medical knowledge and skill is matched only by her kindness and compassion. I felt very comfortable and supported during our thorough consultation, and was really impressed by both the medicine she formulated for me and the other suggestions she made to support my health and address my issues. The custom medicine she created for me made an immediate difference in my symptoms. Rebecca is a very skilled practitioner and I would recommend her services without reservation.”


“Rebecca's skilled listening, intuition and herbal knowledge changed my life. For around 8 years I had been suffering with varying degrees of chronic nausea to the extent that I couldn't eat in the morning. Rebecca's belly strengthening tincture helped me turn the corner to feeling good again.

One of my favourite things about how Rebecca approaches the human body and the wisdom of herbs is that it's done with awe and humility. Just us talking about the design of the body and its relationship with herbal medicine shifts the way one thinks about illness.

I was helped to see the dynamic of symptoms of illness and body as something that I could have full and joyous participation in. In Rebecca's care and I was able to see bodily symptoms as warning signs to a well working body. I feel now that my body is an ally and there are a whole treasure of allies in the plant kingdom.

Rebecca is a true conduit for plant wisdom and I have great gratitude that I've been able to learn and benefit from their curiosity, excitement, humility and deep wisdom. I feel welcomed on this great journey. Rebecca has found a true vocation.”


“I am grateful-beyond-words for Rebecca's support with my ongoing fatigue and immune system issues. This has been my first experience committing to herbal medicine for help with critical health issues and Rebecca's tonics and tinctures have healed my body in very concrete ways. Rebecca has a deep knowledge of plant-based medicine which is complimented by her intuitive capacity and grounded ability to reassure me on this journey.”