What to Expect in a herbal consultation

Initial Consultation, we sit together for 1.5 hours gathering information to create a picture of your health. Including your concerns, family history, your health history and your current state of being including your physical, and emotional health. Working with the belief that our bodies are intelligent and seek balance, I work with you supporting your body’s search for equilibrium, vibrancy and health. A health plan will be tailored to fit you that includes herbal medicines, holistic nutrition, resources and lifestyle recommendations.

Following the appointment, I am available via email if you have any questions or concerns. Sometimes I will take the evening to do some extra research about your specific case, and make a tailored formula that will be available for pick up the following day.

Follow Up Appointments are set up to assess the treatment, reformulate if necessary and allow time to answer any questions that arise. Once the patient – practitioner relationship is established it is possible to talk over Skype if that is more convenient.

Short Emergency Appointments can be arranged for acute health concerns such as viral infections, broken bones, etc.

Complimentary phone conversation (5-10 min) - If you are unsure if herbal medicine would be of benefit or would just like to know more please get in touch and I can attempt to answer any questions you have.

* Twenty-four Hour Cancellation Policy. Things come up last minute, please let me know if you are unable to make an appointment and we will reschedule as soon as schedules allow.

**Distance Consultations are possible. Please get in touch if you would like more information.

Code of Ethics
Every session is confidential.  The only exception being if the desire for self-harm or to harm others is disclosed. In this case we will work together to ensure everyone's safety and support.  

* Treatments are based on a consultation that takes your health history and current health concerns into account to create a customized plan for you that partners plants with the innate intelligence of your own body so you can heal and thrive.

The active components of medicinal plants are a product of the most seamless laboratory, nature! The human body accepts medicine obtained from plants best due to the fact that we are an integral part of nature.”
— B.B. Petrovska