Rebecca Singer, RHT, Dip.Phyto., BFA

Rebecca Singer is a Certified Medical Herbalist who combines a biomedical understanding of medicine and health with the traditional knowledge of healing. Rebecca graduated with high honours from Pacific Rim College’s  - Diploma of Phytotheraphy program and is a Professional Member of the Canadian Herbalist Association of British Columbia.

Rebecca works with the belief that it is an honour to work with plants, carrying on traditions that have been passed from hand to hand for centuries and that re-establishing this link enriches and expands our lives. Her goal is to act as an usher, reuniting people with plants by building knowledge, creating axis points for people to engage and incorporate plants into their daily lives, while creating a better understanding of the capacity of herbalism within health care. With gratitude and respect, she approaches herbalism from a vitalist perspective incorporating Western herbalism, holistic nutrition, aromatherapy, Ayurvedic philosophy and energetics into her clinical practice.

A deep fascination of plants has accompanied Rebecca throughout her life. She is especially interested in the co-evolutionary relationship we have with plants, sustainable practices, and the places that art and healing intersect. Her interest in herbal medicine also includes the cultivation of medicinal plants, medicine making and sharing what she has learned. In her clinical practice, she has a special interest in the endocrine system including hormonal health, fertility to trans health support.

Rebecca is dedicated to the continual work of allyship and strives to provide the best health care possible. With the belief that self-agency, inclusive accessible health care and health support are critical to the quality of all of our lives. She strives to contribute to a health practice that fosters relationships that are empowering, while working towards a new model of health justice with the belief that herbalism at its core embodies these principles.


Provide comprehensive care combining the ancient art of plant medicine with the modern medical knowledge of the present today. Supporting your journey to health by fostering your own innate ability to heal by addressing the root causes of your health imbalances using plants, nutrition and life style adjustments.

Registered - Canadian Herbal Association of British Columbia - CHA of BC
- Graduate with Honours - Pacific Rim Collage - Victoria, BC.

Pacific Rim College – Phytotherapy Diploma
- Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine - The Art and Science of Plant Medicine Making
- School of Evolutionary Herbalism - Alchemical Herbalism
- Aviva Romm MD. Education Course - Natural Children’s Health - Healthy All Year
- BFA Nova Scotia College of Art and Design NSCAD, The Art Institute, Chicago.
- Standard First Aid

- United Plant Savers
- American Herbal Association