Herbal Medicine Workshops

*Offered throughout the year and upon request. Please get in touch if you’re interested and we can set up a workshop or you can be put on the mailing list to know when workshops are being offered.


DIY Herbal first aid kit

Learn how to make your own herbal first aid kit to have on hand for treks out into the woods or your own backyard. Become familiar with the wayside medicinal plants that grow around us and how to use them for minor first aid situations. Together we will make two types of salves, a wound powder, and disinfectant spray for your first aid kit. You will leave with a list of items to stock your first aid kit, how to identify common plants used in first aid, the medicinal preparations made together in class and a new way to treat cuts, stings and bruises.


Herbal Medicine Cabinet for the Winter Season

Be ready for the cold and flu season by learning how to stock and use a herbal medicine cabinet. Using common kitchen ingredients, and medicinal plants you’ll be ready to treat common winter illnesses both preventatively and acutely. Together we will make a herbal coughs syrup for everyone to take home. Everyone will leave with a cough syrup we’ll make together, recipes and a new approach for staying healthy through the cold and flu season.


Planting your own Medicinal Tea Garden 

Come learn how to plant and use a medicinal tea garden to have access to healing at home throughout the year. This course will include an introduction to a collection of medicinal plants that can be used to ease stomach upset, calm unsettled nerves, encourage sleep, modulate the immune system for viral infections and more. As well as how to create the optimal conditions for medicinals including soil, sunlight exposure, nutrience and watering. How to tend your garden, harvest, dry and process the medicinals to stock a small home apothecary and a new approach to home health care.



This workshop will be an exploration of scent, flavour and sensation. Together we will sample teas and learn about a range of plant characteristics and health benefits including relaxation, digestion, improved mineral intake and more. A few plants that will be introduced are holy basil, nettle, skullcap, elder flower and more. You will leave with a new knowledge of medicinal properties which flavours you enjoy, how they benefit you and an individual medicinal tea formulated specifically for you.