Botanical Medicine Apothecary

The process of medicine making is a beautiful one from seed to summer’s harvest. The medicines used in clinic are primarily our own production. Hand crafted from locally grown, organic plants that capture the vibrancy and beauty of summer in fresh tinctures or by drying. The rest is sourced with quality, environmental sustainability and equity in mind. It is our belief that the quality of the medicines used for treatment are integral to the outcome.


Tinctureplants extracted in alcohol
25ml                 $8
50ml                 $12
105ml               $18  * typical one week treatment
210ml               $34  * typical two week treatment

25g                   $8   * typical one week treatment
50g                   $15 * typical two week treatment

30ml                 $9
60ml                 $15


Refills * There is a $5 dollar dispensing fee for Herbal preparations without a consultation, and a $2 fee per item applied to each item.