Clinical Herbal Consultations

Initial Consultation (1.5hr)- $95
*complex conditions may require a follow up appointment to complete the intake.
First Follow Up Appointment (1 hr)- $65
General Appointment (.5hr)- $35
 Acute Condition Appointment (.25hr)- $15
*Acute consultations are available on a sliding scale price for basic formulations, i.e. colds/flus.

Phone Call - If you are unsure if herbal medicine is right for you or can benefit you let’s talk! We can schedule a 5-10 minute phone conversation to answer your questions and assess your needs.

Cost of Medicines
The cost of herbal medicine varies as treatment plans are crafted for each person individually. Treatment may include teas, tinctures, capsules and creams along with handouts, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. One month of herbal medicine treatment can cost from $40-$150. MSP does not typically cover herbal medicine, but some extended health packages may, talk to your provider for more information.

Sliding Scale
Sliding scale systems are an honour system based on everyone’s individual income level. They are a tool for ensuring equal accessibility to health care, regardless of financial resources, and thus require active participation. An effectively implemented sliding scale would result in everyone paying a similar percentage of their income for the same services.

It is my goal to make herbal medicine as accessible as possible. Please get in touch to talk about sliding scale options if finances are a barrier for you.

Alternatively, a great recourse in Victoria is Pacific Rim Collages Free Student clinic in the Market Square in Victoria, which is open to all. Appointments are available with upper years students, or in observational clinics with professors, which are observed by students. Consultations are free, while patients pay a minimal fee for the formulated medicines.

* All formulas are customized and prepared using high quality organic plants.